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A brief introduction to the product knowledge of the automatic steel plate chamfering machine

Oct 19, 2017

This article will be a simple introduction of an automatic feed steel plate chamfering machine equipment, hoping to help you have more in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the product through this introduction. Compared with other products, the special place of the chamfering machine is that it can automatically control the plate thickness, speed and feeding speed through the digital automatic control system.

In addition, the users can also use this automatic feed steel plate chamfering machine to process different products, such as R2, R3's arc angle or C1, C2's 45 degrees chamfer. Analyzing from its application, the equipment is mainly used for the steel plate chamfering in the shipyard, petrochemical, pressure vessel factory, sheet metal processing, aerospace and other fields.

Round Bar Tool Chamfering Machine.jpg

This means that the automatic feed steel plate chamfering machine has its own high level of automation performance, so it plays an important role in the current modernization construction. In the actual application, the requirements for the power supply voltage is AC 380V 50 Hz. The suitable processing thickness of the sheet metal is from 8 to 36mm.The suitable chamfering range includes R3, R2, C2, and C3.

For users, the operating speed of this automatic feed steel plate chamfering machine can be 1to 2m per minute. When in the no-load state, its speed can reach 2500 to 3000rpm. In addition, it adopts the system design of automatic feeding. Because the device uses milling chamfering, there is no oxidation or decarburization on the surface of the product.

In addition, because of its overall high level of automation, operators will feel more simple and convenient, and more safe and reliable in the process. This automatic feed steel plate chamfering machine is not only efficient in operation, but also low in noise.