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Advantages and features of the screw heading machine

Jun 08, 2019

The screw heading machine is a cold heading device for producing screws, mainly for metal forming machines with basic screw forming. The advantages of flexibility and convenient length adjustment are suitable for small batch production or proofing. Production and quality are directly related to the operator. There are two types of forming screws and thread forming of screws: the equipment used for shape forming is a heading machine, which adopts cold heading forming method; the equipment used for thread forming is a boring machine, which adopts extrusion forming method. Has a good surface quality, high dimensional accuracy. Because there is cold work hardening in the upsetting process, the deformation amount should not be too large. Reduce cracking


The structure of the heading machine is that the heading machine is a head type that gives a screw to the screw, such as a head type, such as a hexagon socket, an inner and outer hexagon, a cross type and the like. The structure of the heading machine is loaded into the heading machine by the threading machine, and then the machine has set the head shape and the length cutting, and then the punching hole of the head of the conflicting screw head is driven by the stamping seat, and the punching seat of the punching mechanism is formed. The material returning mechanism is composed of at least a returning rod, a pushing element, a crank element, a shaft supporting element, a swinging element, a sliding element, a fixing frame and a sliding plate. The material returning mechanism of the utility model can automatically withdraw the formed screw.www.chamferingmachinechina.com