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Advantages of automatic chamfering machine and reasons for production of auto parts

Nov 05, 2018

The chamfering machine, if it is fully automatic operation and operation, is a fully automatic double-head chamfering machine, and it can improve the working efficiency of the equipment and reduce the labor intensity compared with the manual chamfering machine. . Therefore, there is a certain advantage in the use, and to reflect this advantage, you need to have a deep understanding of the automatic chamfering machine, in order to achieve the goal.


1. Can the manufacturer of automatic chamfering machine have other chamfering machine products?

The manufacturer of the automatic chamfering machine can have other chamfering machine products, such as double-head chamfering machine, single-head chamfering machine and pneumatic chamfering machine, and these are all in the category of chamfering machine. There are some similarities that are used to perform the chamfering operation. In addition, this is beneficial to the manufacturer, which can not only enrich the product range, but also meet the different purchase needs of the buyer.


2. Why use a fully automatic chamfering machine in the production of auto parts?

This is because, in the production process of auto parts, it is often necessary to chamfer the ends of the shaft rod parts. If large-scale processing is required, the conventional processing method will cause problems such as low processing efficiency and excessive material consumption. Therefore, instead of the traditional processing method, the automatic chamfering machine can be used to realize quick loading and unloading, and chamfering processing of a large number of shaft rod parts in order to improve work efficiency. In addition, the chamfering machine has a storage rack, a hood, a cylinder, and an unloading mechanism.


3. The working principle of automatic double-head chamfering machine

Fully automatic double-head chamfering machine, this is a specific type of automatic chamfering machine. Its working principle is: use the rotation of the pulley to drive the motor to push the feeding, and carry out the horizontal feeding on the high-speed rotating cutter head. The part is then clamped to perform chamfering. The use of this type of chamfering machine can solve problems such as low work efficiency, poor chamfer quality and inability to fix the length.


4. What are the main advantages of the automatic chamfering machine?

The main advantages of the automatic chamfering machine, according to the professional technicians in this aspect, is to adopt the touch screen design, which makes the operation simple and convenient, even for ordinary workers, it is easy to master and carry out. Moreover, this kind of chamfering machine is divided into two types: single station and double station. It should be selected according to different use requirements and actual conditions, so it is suitable to select the appropriate type of automatic chamfering machine.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/