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Analysis on the Development of Die Forging Machine

Jan 06, 2018

In the late 1960s, China's No.1 Heavy Machinery Factory built a 300MN die forging press for SWA. After that, the research and trial production of 650MN multi-direction die forging press, 600MN prestressed concrete multi-direction die forging press and 200MN multi-direction die forging press were successively carried out.


In this process, people continue to improve and innovate, and gradually formed from prestressed wire winding technology and ultra high pressure hydraulic technology, and now these technologies have been successfully used in heavy plate forming hydraulic press and heavy ceramic tile press production and processing Work, but also formed a mass production.


Since then, a direct reflection of China has formed a basic forging machine manufacturing industry, aerospace weaponry and other military equipment of the basic manufacturing capacity.


However, with the continuous improvement of technical level, the level of domestic industrial production has been rapidly rising. At the same time, the demand for national strategic development has also become extremely strong. During this period, a variety of large forging machines and free forging presses, etc. have also been developed.


So far, the large-scale forging machines that China is researching and manufacturing have already produced not less than two 80,000-tonne and 40,000-tonne mills, surpassing the two large-scale 75,000-ton presses manufactured in Russia Ability, but also developed the world's largest free-forging hydraulic press. http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/