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Application and development trend of S7-400PLG in billet finishing line

May 03, 2018

The finish line of square billet, see this name we can know is, this is a production line used to carry out the finishing operation of billet, it is one kind of fine whole line, so it is called the finish line of square billet. Then, since you know what it is, the following, may as well take the hot iron, continue to carry on its study, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding, and at the same time, you can also know how to make good use of billet finishing line.


The control system of S7-400PLG is used in 1. billet finishing line.

In the finishing line of square billet, it is possible to use the control system of S7-400PLG, and through the PROFIBUS-DP network and the S7-300PLC of each unit to form a master and slave communication, and to use the ET200M as a remote station to monitor the layout of the blanks of the finishing line through HMI, and to understand all kinds of alarm information, so that a big one can be formed. The billet finishing line control system has many functions.


2. why is the high quality billet finishing line one of the development trends of billet finishing line?

This is because, with the continuous development of the steel industry, the quality requirements for its products are getting higher and higher, and more and more attention has been paid to it. Therefore, in the concrete part of the concrete aspects, the production manufacturers are more and more attention, so, it is the need of high quality billet finishing line, to get high quality products, so as to meet the high quality of this requirement, so, will have the above conclusion.


3.The billet finishing line, if you want to have advanced technology level and production technology, what aspects can be achieved?

The finishing line of square billet, if it wants advanced production technology and production technology, can be achieved from the process of finishing line, plane address, product outline, and its main equipment characteristics and technical performance. Moreover, this is also easy to achieve and achieve, without much technical difficulty.


4. what defects can be eliminated by finishing the billet finishing line?

If the product is fined through the finishing line of the billet, then, from a professional point of view, it can effectively reduce the defects of surface cracks, folds, scratches and scars, and improve the quality and performance of the products. Therefore, it is a very good means of repair and repair. It is worth to operate and carry out.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/