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Application and Frequently Asked Questions of Square Round Grinding Machine

Mar 30, 2018

The square round blank grinding machine, as the name suggests, refers to a type of machine equipment that is used to grind the two blanks and round blanks. Therefore, it is called a square round blank grinding machine. Then, what basic knowledge and understanding should be given to this type of grinding machine in order to make good use of this equipment and obtain good results. In the following, we will develop and carry out the study of radius blank grinding machine for this problem.


1. What kind of machine equipment is round billet grinding machine? Which of the round blanks can be used in seamless steel pipe billet production?

The square billet grinding machine, which is a kind of grinding machine from a professional point of view, is used for grinding and repairing billets and round billets. Therefore, it is called For square billet grinding machine. Among them, the tube blanks can be used in the production of tube blanks for seamless steel tubes. Moreover, good quality products can be obtained.


2. Does the square round grinding machine have a certain degree of advancement?

The rectangular round grinding machine, which is of advanced nature, is specifically designed to:


(1) There are several kinds of square round grinding machine, which is a combination of several technologies, such as PLC control and servo constant power control technology to meet different production needs and product use requirements.

(2) The grinding wheel in this type of grinding machine is a constant pressure constant power load control device, so that it can make the billet or round blank have no problem in size during the grinding process. In addition, the equipment uses a hydraulic system and can automatically adjust the grinding pressure, but also avoid the problem of excessive material grinding.


3. How to ensure that the square round blank grinding machine does not have the problem of tripping during use?

In order to ensure that the square round blank grinding machine does not trip during use, the following aspects should be done to ensure that the coil does not burn during use, and To avoid equipment short circuit problems. In addition, the equipment should also avoid leakage problems.


4. How to consider the price of square round grinding machine?

The price of rectangular round grinding machine, in terms of specific considerations, is generally related to the product brand, related picture information, origin, and product quality and after-sales service and so on. Its manufacturers can not be ignored. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be taken in all directions so that it can determine the price of its own product.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/