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Application characteristics of flat head chamfering machine in seamless steel tube processing

Feb 18, 2019

The flat head chamfering machine is one of the important equipments for steel pipe processing. Each steel pipe production plant attaches great importance to its application. It has been continuously improved during the use process. It has begun to gradually move from a relatively low-level technical model to a high-level multi-machine device. The development of the situation has met the demand of a large number of steel pipe users for various types of steel pipes.


In order to meet the market demand, most of the steel pipe manufacturers that carry out seamless steel pipe processing are equipped with relatively advanced flat head chamfering machines. In order to ensure that the system can maintain a relatively stable state and have a greater bearing capacity during the seamless steel pipe cutting process, a roller linear bearing with a preload function is used on the guide rail bearing; The head uses the liquid servo function; in order to ensure the natural shape in the seamless steel pipe cutting process, increase the rigidity of the steel pipe and reduce the gap generated by the sliding bush during the sliding process, the clamping device uses the floating clamping device and the fixed locking mechanism. The way to combine.


The chamfering machine motor adopts the movement mode of the hydraulic motor, which can ensure smooth operation under the premise of ensuring the speed. In order to extend the service life of the cutter head in the flat head chamfering machine, a cooling system is added to the spindle cutter head to ensure effective cooling of the cutter and prolong the tool life.www.chamferingmachinechina.com