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Applications and operational principles of the hot swaging machine

Oct 12, 2017

Do you know what components can we produce by the hot swaging machine? The so-called hot swaging machine, in fact refers to a forge and press equipment, which uses the a mold to complete the metal thermo-forming. In the current industrial field, it has a wide range of applications, such as automotive, locomotive, tractor, petrochemical and other production areas. 

bar-forged grinding machine.jpg

In comparison, the hot swaging machine can complete many different processes, so it plays an important role in the production of large batch and high-precision die forgings. At present, we can complete the process of upsetting, dummying, finish forging, cutting edge and piercing through the equipment. For example, the flange plate and gear blanks can be obtained by the device, which belong to the forgings formed in the form of upsetting.

In addition, we can obtain all kinds of cylinder parts by molding method of the hot swaging machine, or obtain the crankshaft, front-axle beam and so on of the automobile engine by extending in advance. In this equipment, it is mainly composed of the main body of the flatting mill, lubrication system, auxiliary equipment, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical control system.

So, what advantages does this hot swaging machine have? First, the main body of the machine is made by whole solid casting, which adopts " x" type slider guide and double point support structure, so it has high guiding precision, and also has a strong character of anti deviated load.

We need to remind you that due to various reasons, we must pay special attention to lubrication when we use the hot swaging machine. This is because if the lubrication has any problems, it may cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is generally necessary to set up multiple lubrication monitoring points and temperature monitoring points on its main body.