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Automatic double-head chamfering machine equipment safe operation

Aug 19, 2019

1. Check the automatic chamfering machine every day. The environment around the body of the double-head chamfering machine is hygienic.

2. Check if the tools in the toolbox are complete.

3. Check whether the air source, power supply and each button switch, indicator light and electric eye sensor of the double-head chamfering machine are normal. Is the brakes sensitive?

4. Check whether the automatic chamfering oil pump or paraffin oil pump works, whether the oil nozzle is injecting oil, and ensure that the equipment is running normally.

5. Check if the shrinkage mold and the flanging mold are loose. If there is looseness, make adjustment immediately.

Automatic double head chamfering machine production process control:

1. Immediately after the automatic chamfering machine and the double-head chamfering machine are turned on, the height of the can and the size of the flange should be measured to see if the length of the reduced diameter is uniform.

2. At any time, check whether the can body has explosion, false welding, high and low cans, flanging film peeling, weld leaking, drying and blistering. If there is any immediate shutdown, react to the welder. And make it adjust accordingly.

3. In the production of automatic chamfering machine, the lubrication of the injection should be checked regularly to observe the amount of oil and avoid serious paraffin oil pollution in the tank.

4. Pay attention to the cooperation of the front and back processes at any time, and observe the operation of the equipment if there is abnormality and stop immediately. The technicians make relevant processing.

5. When the double-head chamfering machine is stopped, all the molds should be cleaned to prevent the product quality from deteriorating.

6. When the card is used, it is strictly forbidden to remove the bad tank from the equipment by hand and apply related tools. Avoid personal injury.

7. After the equipment maintenance and adjustment, the tool parts are properly placed and put into production, and the quality of the products is continuously checked. Make maintenance records and downtime records.

8. When the equipment is being repaired, it is strictly forbidden for non-related personnel to press the button at will. When the equipment is in operation, it is not allowed to leave the company without authorization to ensure production safety.