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Automatic sawing machine technical parameters and precautions

Jun 04, 2018

The automatic sawing machine, which is one of the sawing machines, is also capable of automatic operation. Therefore, this type of sawing machine is called a fully automatic sawing machine. So, since the automatic sawing machine is mentioned as the specific type of sawing machine, we might as well take this opportunity to get a deeper understanding of it, so that the correct and efficient use of the equipment can be achieved.


1. Factors to be considered when purchasing a fully automatic sawing machine

Automatic sawing machine, when it comes to purchase, it is necessary to take into account some specific factors, which are specifically for product prices and wholesale prices, as well as the price of this one. In addition, there are product quality, origin, performance parameters and manufacturers, etc. If these do not know, then the automatic sawing machine can not be successfully selected, at the same time, there will be wrong choices, resulting in economic losses.


2. Automatic sawing machine, is it a CNC sawing machine? What are the technical parameters of this kind of sawing machine?

The automatic sawing machine is not a CNC sawing machine. Although both sawing machines can use PLC control, the latter has a CNC system. In addition, the technical parameters of the full-automatic sawing machine are five important parameters for sawing the length of the specimen, the diameter of the sawing specimen, the spindle speed, the rated power of the motor, and the diameter of the saw blade, so they are indispensable.


3. The use of automatic sawing machine precautions


(1)Before using the automatic sawing machine, it is necessary to carefully read the product instruction manual, have a certain familiarity and understanding of the equipment parameters, performance, use methods, etc., and strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to regulate the use, is strictly prohibited illegal operation.

(2) If the operator is a novice, then there should be the guidance of skilled personnel, until the newcomer can operate independently.

(3) The use of the sawing machine must be reasonable and correct, and the use of over-range and over-performance is strictly prohibited. In the process of operation, it is necessary to make a good job record and observe any abnormality or problem at any time.


4. Aluminum alloy thin-walled tubes and microcrystalline stones, can they be sawn with a fully automatic sawing machine?

The aluminum alloy thin-walled pipe can be sawed by a fully automatic sawing machine, but it depends on how thick the pipe is, because not all of its wall thicknesses are suitable for a fully automatic sawing machine. In the sawing of microcrystalline stone, it is generally used a table saw machine rather than a fully automatic sawing machine, so as not to affect the processing effect.