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Basic adjustment steps of the heading machine

Aug 21, 2019

Check before tuning:

1. Whether the machine equipment is clean and the backup bolts are loose.

2. Whether the lubricant is added and unblocked.

3. Whether the belt is normal, it must be adjusted if it is loose, and it must be replaced if it is damaged.

4. Whether the electrical appliance is open and normal, the motor has no abnormalities.

5. Turn the flywheel or inching about two turns to see if there is any rotation.

Tuning steps:

1. Fix the main mold in the main mold hole.

2. After the shearing mold is fixed and fixed, the scissors are loaded in turn, and the scissors are the center hole of the forward and reverse alignment main mold and the cutting mold.

3. The first die will be placed (note that the first die cannot touch the main die and the scissors during the stroke).

4. Calculate the required length of the screw as the basis for adjusting the step.

5. Start the test switch to punch out the shape of the first stroke and adjust the positive center point of the first die and the main die.

6. Install the shape of the head required for the second die adjustment and adjust the positive center point of the main die.

7. The screw shape of the test result is inspected by the gauge and conforms to the standard. After the first inspection of QC, the product is started.