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Belt polishing machine

Sep 02, 2017

Belt polishing machine is used to pipe rods and other outer surface of the abrasive belt grinding and polishing of special equipment. The use of coreless grinding principle, the bar, the outer surface of the pipe cracks and defects to clean up, or surface polishing to improve the surface quality.

The establishment of the Standardization Working Group for Belt Grinding Machines is certainly the need to conform to the standardization system and international standards. It also marks the recognition that the belt type grinder is indispensable to the new type of machine tool. It is the development of the belt grinding machine in the grinding machine The new milestone.

Belt polishing machine is mainly used for furniture manufacturing grinding and polishing, wooden handicrafts, construction and decoration industry on the solid wood plane and round polished and metal material drawing and polishing.

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grinding machine

With 24 hours of continuous work, the motor power is strong, to avoid polishing when the force is too large downtime machine burned the advantages of the situation.

High-quality switch, the whole quality of reliable, efficient and durable, suitable for use of the higher use of the factory.