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Bending condition and manufacturing process of inclined roller straightening machine

Mar 01, 2019

The inclined roller straightening machine is mainly used for straightening the pipe and the round bar during the production, so that the sections can be subjected to multiple elastoplastic bending during the rotation advancement, and finally the bending and section of each direction are eliminated. Ellipticity. Straight roll straightening is the most effective straightening method for round sections, so skew roll straighteners are widely used in rolling, drawing, welded pipes and other workshops.

When the inclined roller straightening machine is running, the rolling piece is rotated and axially moved by the straightening roller, and can be spirally advanced during the operation, and the rolling piece is formed by the straightening rollers arranged in a staggered manner. Several elastoplastic bending straightening units have been subjected to multiple cornerings for each section to achieve a certain degree of straightening. At the same time, the rolling piece can obtain the reverse curvature in different directions during the rotation, and it can straighten the original curvature in multiple directions.

When the rolling stock passes through the straightening roller, it bends once every half revolution, and the rolling stock is easy to obtain multiple elastoplastic bending. Therefore, the number of rollers of the inclined roller straightening machine is not much, and one or three elastic-plastic bending units are formed. The required straightening accuracy.www.chamferingmachinechina.com