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Billet and billet finishing and billet finishing line comparison with others

Sep 06, 2018

The production line for the finishing operation of the billet is called the billet finishing line, and the object of the line operation is the billet material. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding so as to know what the billet finishing line is and How to carry out the finishing operation correctly, so that the billet has good finishing quality and finishing effect, and the product has a good use effect.


1. Billet finishing line, can it be used to finish rolling billet?

The billet finishing line is made of various billet, and the billet includes the one of the rolled billet, so the finishing line can be used for finishing the rolled billet. Moreover, if it is correct and standardized, it can also ensure the quality and finishing effect of the product, so that the product can play its due role and function. In addition, the finishing process of the billet can be controlled to avoid problems during the finishing process.


2. Is the finishing of billet and billet the same?

The finishing of billet and billet, although this is a kind of billet, but there are still differences, so the corresponding finishing line, that is, billet finishing line and billet finishing line, is also different. At that point, there is a difference between the two finishing lines. Moreover, the billet may be a billet in material, and the billet may be a billet in shape, which has the same point and different points.


In addition, the billet finishing line is on the equipment, there are grinders, etc., and the basic and important equipment in these equipments will also be used on the billet finishing line. The flaw detection line, which is also used, is mainly used for flaw detection.


3. Is the billet finishing machine and the billet finishing line the same?

The billet finishing machine and the billet finishing line, although they are all finishing operations of the billet, but from a professional point of view, they still have differences, so the two can not be equal. Moreover, the billet finishing machine is a piece of equipment, the billet finishing line is a production line, and there are many equipments on the production line. It is impossible to have only one piece of equipment. In addition to the equipment, there may be some supporting tools and Auxiliary devices, etc., to smoothly carry out the finishing of the billet.


4. Is it important to finish the seamless steel pipe manufacturing process? Is the material a billet?

The finishing of the seamless steel pipe manufacturing process can be said to be a very important part and a part, and has a great relationship and direct influence on the product quality of the steel pipe. However, in the material, it is not a billet, but a round billet, so on the finishing line, a round billet finishing line is used instead of a billet finishing line.