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Billet finishing line can be processed and shipped finished products note

Mar 12, 2018

Billet finishing line, by its name, is a production line for finishing the material of the billet, so it is called a billet finishing line. So, for this finishing line, the following will explain the knowledge, or answers to difficult questions, so that the correct use of the billet finishing line, and at the same time, smooth billet finishing operation.


1. Billet finishing line of the finished product, whether the subsequent processing?

The finished product of the billet finishing line, which is the product of the billet, is ready for subsequent processing, such as shearing or rolling, to obtain the desired product for immediate use. Moreover, it is also necessary to know and understand, otherwise, there will be problems in the use of the billet finishing line.


2. In the cold-rolled billet, billet finishing line, which can be used to ensure the quality of the product?

After the cold-rolled billet, the billet finishing line, you can use the finishing cold-drawn this process, and, using the corresponding equipment, to carry out this operation, thus, to obtain satisfactory processing results. In addition, the equipment used, it can be CNC machine tools and other equipment.


3. Steel finishing inspection and processing, can be used to make billet finishing line?

Billet finishing line production of billet, the material, it can be for steel. Therefore, the steel finishing inspection and processing, can be used to carry out the finishing line, and, is, can have a good finishing effect. In addition, the billet material, the steel is a more common material.


4. Billet finishing line, billet transport, mainly to consider what? In addition, the billet heating, which equipment can be used?

Billet finishing line, billet transport, mainly to consider the spacing of the equipment used and the billet size of these two. Also, consider the equipment layout if necessary. In the billet heating, billet heating furnace can be used to achieve and to ensure that the billet has a good heating effect.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com