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Billet finishing line finishing cost calculation and finishing equipment comparison

Aug 27, 2018

The billet finishing line is mainly used for finishing the billet material, so that the surface quality and performance meet the expected requirements, and can meet different use requirements. So, the next step is to explain the knowledge about the billet finishing line so that everyone has the learning object and the learning content.


1. Is there a finishing section in the billet finishing operation?

In the billet finishing operation, there is a finishing section, and this is also often seen. The finishing section, which is the main process, has seven processes of cooling, shearing, straightening, heat treatment, surface treatment, finished product inspection and inspection, and packaging and storage, all of which are important processes. However, whether it is all used or not depends on the actual situation and the finishing requirements.


2. What is the finishing cost of the billet finishing line?

The finishing cost of billet finishing line, if you want to calculate or calculate, you need to use some accounting methods, and know what aspects or factors are included in order to have accurate judgment and get some correct calculation methods. As a result, the product can be economically improved.


3. Is there a difference between the billet finishing line and the billet finishing line?

The billet finishing line, which is a specific type of finishing line, is a billet blasting and rust removing, surface fluorescent magnetic particle inspection inspection line, and is equipped with a fully automatic grinding wheel dermabrasion grinding machine. In the size of the finished billet, it is four types of 150×150mm2, 165×165mm2, 200×200mm2 and 240×240mm2, or other specifications. For specific applications, it is possible to provide continuous casting billet or hot rolled billet with no defects on the surface of small round bars and wire rods.


Therefore, in summary, there are many similarities between the billet finishing line and the billet finishing line, but they are not exactly the same, so they cannot be confused.


4. Bar finishing line and billet finishing line, are they the same on finishing equipment?

Bar finishing line, which is a finishing operation on the bar material, so this kind of finishing line is called a bar finishing line. Moreover, it has a size difference in size, that is, a small bar finishing line and a large bar finishing line. On the finishing equipment, there are straightening machines, shot blasting machines, chamfering machines, flaw detectors, flaw detectors and surface polishing and peeling machines. Moreover, these are basic devices that correspond to different finishing operations. Therefore, on basic finishing equipment, the bar finishing line and the billet finishing line are the same, but on other equipment, there may be a difference, because the bar and the billet are two different materials.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/