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Billet finishing line finishing work content and similar finishing line

Jun 20, 2018

The billet finishing line is a production line for the billet finishing work. Therefore, if the billet finishing is performed in the billet production and manufacturing work, the billet finishing line may be used. The following is the learning and understanding of this kind of finishing line, so that everyone can smoothly perform billet finishing work, and at the same time, let the product have a good finishing effect.


1. Will the billet finishing line continue to improve and improve its finishing technology?

Billet finishing line, which is the use of some finishing technology to carry out the work of billet finishing, so its technology and process, it is necessary to continue to improve and improve, with the continuous improvement of science and technology and continuously improve, so that Ensure that the billet has a good finishing effect and finishing quality, so as not to use the finishing technology too backward and affect the product quality.


2. In order to provide high-quality billet materials for rolling mills, is it important for the billet finishing line?

In order to provide high-quality billet materials for rolling mills, it can be said that the billet finishing line is very important and critical, because if there is a problem with the billet finishing line, then the product quality and processing performance of the billet have great influence. In addition, it is not possible to provide high-quality billet materials, and the mill cannot be allowed to work normally. Therefore, the above conclusions will only be made. Moreover, everyone cannot take it lightly.


3. What is the job of finishing the billet finishing line?

The finishing work of the billet finishing line mainly includes:


Receiver: The lead rod is received at the storage location and the lead residue is cleaned.

Commissioning fire cutting machine: If the fire cutting machine is not in the correct position when it is working, it needs to be manually adjusted to make it in the correct position.

Placing billets: The billets that have been cut are sorted and numbered, and records are made to record the output of the team.


4. The billet finishing line is similar to which finishing line.

Billet finishing line, which is similar to the flat steel finishing line and round steel finishing line, and they are used in equipment, will use shot blasting machine, grinding mill and other mechanical equipment, but in the equipment specific The type will be different. The equipment used for the billet finishing line includes billet shot blasting machines, billet grinding machines, and other equipment.