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Billet finishing line supporting equipment and process requirements

Mar 15, 2018

The billet finishing line can know from its name that the finishing object of this finishing line is billet, and it is a series of finishing operations for the billet to obtain the desired finishing. Purpose and effect. Therefore, in order to allow everyone to correctly use the billet finishing line, below, the relevant knowledge content will be elaborated, or it will be conducted in the form of question and answer, so that everyone can have a good learning effect.


1. Is the billet finishing line after metal plastic processing? What can it do?

The billet finishing line, which is after metal plastic processing, is also beyond doubt. Its purpose of use, in the metal plastic processing, the metal material of the billet finishing operation, the appearance of its size, surface quality and performance, which can meet the use and follow-up processing requirements. In the billet finishing line, the operations that can be performed include flame cleaning, cutting, straightening, and defect detection.


2. Extend the surface treatment of the product variety. Is it included in the billet finishing line?

Extending the surface treatment of a product variety, which is essentially a surface treatment, is also included in the billet finishing line because it can also be classified into a finishing operation. As for the specific types of surface treatment, there are tin plating, galvanizing, and plastic coating, which can be selected as needed.


3. Is there some equipment in the billet finishing line?

In the billet finishing line, there are some supporting equipment, and there are major equipment. Because, in the operation of the finishing line, the billets are fed through the gantry, transporter, roller path, and the material feeding device, and the billets are sent through the shot blasting machine, the straightening machine, the flaw detector and the grinding machine. Machines and other equipment, and qualified products through the protection of transport to a designated location, so it will certainly have supporting equipment to assist in the completion of the finishing work.


4. Is it necessary to know the process requirements of the billet finishing line first, and then, to determine whether to use PLC control?

This question, if answered from a professional perspective, the answer is yes. Because the process requirements of the billet finishing line is an important aspect. Furthermore, the design of the billet finishing line should be carried out according to its specific requirements, and whether or not PLC control should be used to increase the working efficiency, and Reduce the labor intensity of workers. http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com