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Billet finishing line using the configuration and how to achieve control

Feb 23, 2018

Billet finishing line, which is used for billet finishing work, as can be seen from its name. However, the relevant knowledge content, we have not fully understand and grasp, therefore, it is necessary to continue the learning of the product, so as to achieve the desired objectives and requirements as soon as possible, at the same time, can be in the billet finishing line Good effect, and then, to have good economic benefits.


1. Billet finishing line in use, whether there will be a corresponding floor plan and additional equipment?

Billet finishing line, in use, there will be a corresponding floor plan and additional equipment, in order to allow users to properly use the finishing line, and know the specific layout. In addition, you can also use the need to determine what equipment needs to be added to meet different needs, thus, to ensure that the use of billet finishing line.


2. Billet finishing line of the production process, what is it? Is it simple?

Billet finishing line of the production process, if summarized, then, is: through the gantry, transport aircraft, roller and dial-feeding device, etc., so that the material can be followed by the shot blasting machine, testing machine and grinding machine, etc. These machines, in turn, are well suited for finishing operations. After the finished product is obtained, the product is inspected, after which the product is shipped and stored and transported to the designated location. So, the whole process is not very complicated.


3. Billet finishing line control, through what is done? Is it before the rolling line or after the rolling line?

Billet finishing line control, from the current point of view, the common way for the micro-machine, through it to achieve good control of the finishing line, thus, to ensure a good finishing quality and finishing effect. And, every device in the finishing line can be controlled. Its specific location, after the rolling line, rather than in front of the rolling line.


4. Billet finishing line products, what? Its manufacturers in product positioning, what is it?

Billet finishing line products, mainly for the billet this one, but in the specific types, there is a small billet, billet these two, in addition, you can also carry out the finishing operation of the slab. So, it's not just one product. Its manufacturers in product positioning, is a variety, however, is based on billet.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/