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Billet grinding machine

Aug 12, 2017

Billet grinding machine is used to polish stone and steel a kind of equipment, stone and steel in our lives play a very important position, especially steel. Iron and steel has been able to become a variety of mechanical equipment and construction, civil and other departments of the basic material, mainly because it has the following superior performance, and low prices.

Billet grinding machine can be a certain size of the billet for continuous treatment, to a large extent reduce the flaws, scarring, bubbles and other defects, compared with the pickling process can save about 1% of metal consumption, improve the yield And the surface quality of rolled products. Production practice shows that billet grinding machine can replace the pickling process. The machine has a small investment, small footprint, light weight, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc., is a new degree of mechanization of new equipment.

Billet grinding machine1.jpg