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Can billet production line produce billet and its process equipment?

Sep 19, 2017

Billet production line, as the name implies, it is used to produce billet, so, will there be the name. So, since the mention of this production line, may wish to hot ironsmith, to carry out their learning and understanding, so, can also continue to acquire new knowledge, and let yourself, can benefit from it.

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1. billet production line, its material, if it is steel, then, can you get the billet of this product?

In this case, it is entirely possible, and there is no problem, because billet, it just means the product shape, is square, and does not specify the product material, so if the material is steel, then use billet Production line, it is possible to get billet, so, will there be the above conclusion.

In addition, the billet, you can also add some finishing grinding equipment, which can improve product quality, and at the same time, reduce the production of finished products, thus, product quality, be guaranteed.

2. Billet production, in addition to the use of billet production line, whether it can have other production methods?

The billet, in addition to the billet production line, can also be used in some other way to obtain the finished product, for example, with molten steel for direct casting to obtain the billet, and this is also relatively simple. So, on this question, the answer is yes, and that is beyond doubt.

3. With the billet production line to obtain billet, in general, will be involved in what process? And what equipment?

Billet production line, which in the course of operation, will be involved in the process, mainly heating, rolling and cooling, etc., and are very important, is essential to the process. In the equipment, there are loading platform, heating furnace, rough rolling mill, finishing mill, and cooling equipment, etc., to complete the billet manufacturing. Moreover, these devices also have their own different roles, so it can not be omitted.