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Can the billet grinding machine be automated and how can it be purchased correctly

Jun 19, 2018

The specific type of grinding machine, which will be familiarized and understood below, is a grinding machine such as a billet grinding machine. Since the device is a material for a billet, it is not widely used in the object of use. However, since it is one of the types of grinders, it is necessary to fully understand them so that they can be used and used properly, allowing users to use the products with good results and economic benefits.


1. The grinder and billet grinder, are they the same in principle? Which range should be wider?

Billet grinding machine, which is a kind of grinding machine, the principle of this grinding machine, if compared with the ordinary grinding machine, then the two grinding machines are the same in principle, no difference, because they are all used Abrasives etc. grind the surface of the workpiece to get the desired grinding effect. However, in the scope of use, the general grinding machine is more extensive, because it can be used in a variety of materials, and the billet grinding machine is for the billet.


2. Is the billet grinding machine automatic?

Billet grinding machine, which can realize automatic operation, mainly through PLC technology and man-machine dialogue interface. Moreover, this technique is used on the billet mill without any problems and it can have good use effects. Therefore, this type of grinding machine can be called a fully automatic billet grinding machine. The man-machine dialogue interface can display information such as equipment operation, maintenance, and faults, as well as human-machine dialogue.


3. How to remove the billet surface defects by the billet grinding machine? Does this affect the billet?

The surface defects of the billet can be removed by the billet grinding machine. Specifically, the grinding machine removes the surface defects of the billet by point grinding, thereby improving the surface performance and performance of the billet. Once the billet has a defect, it will seriously affect the product's performance and use, and shorten its service life. Therefore, the billet grinding machine is very important, and we should pay attention to it and take it seriously.


4. How to choose your own billet grinding machine?

Slab mill This grinding machine, users want to achieve the right choice, it will take into account some relevant factors and specific aspects, such as billet mill product parameters, product use environment and use requirements, and product origin, price Quotes and manufacturers, etc. In addition, we must also look at whether the product has quality certification, can not use unqualified products.