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Chain cooling bed price factor analysis and billet cooling are available

May 26, 2018

Cooling bed of specific types, will be familiar with and understand, below is the chain for the cooling bed of this kind of cooling bed, because it is a common and common types of cooling bed, in some areas and industries can see the figure of this kind of cooling bed. Moreover, only in this way can the product be properly used and used reasonably, and achieve good economic benefits.

1. Comparison of fixed boiling cooling bed and chain cooling bed.

Fixed fluidized bed cooling, it is one of the cooling bed, its structure, including the bellows, blast system, boiling room, boiling plate, diffusion chamber and various entrances, for cooling of hot sand. Therefore, it can be seen from its description that these two cooling beds are very different in structure composition and application, so they cannot be equated.

2. Analysis of related factors of the price of chain cooling bed.

Chain cooling bed, the related factors of the price, is the product detailed parameters, wholesale price and price quotations, as well as the origin, product quality and manufacturers and so on. If you know the contact information of the manufacturer, you can inquire by telephone to help with the product selection of chain cooling bed. In addition, these factors should be taken into account in order to have accurate judgment and correct selection results.

3. Cooling of small billet, can you use chain cooling bed? What about the rapid cooling of the billet?

Billet cooling, is the use of the chain of cooling bed, and also be able to get a good cooling effect, because through chain cooling bed, temperature of 950 ℃, 1000 ℃ can be small billet cooling below 50 ℃, in order to convenient for subsequent processing or used directly, to ensure that the use of the billet and the processing effect.

Billet rapid cooling, can also be realized through the chain of cooling bed, and on the billet rapid cooling effect, also can be guaranteed, so will use this kind of fast cooling of billet cooling bed, want to get expected, cooling effect and the billet in the process of cooling is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as hollow.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/