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Chamfer machine host is composed of what parts

Jan 29, 2018

We should know that in actual production, there are many steel pipe in the process of welding down the need for welding or flat face. Therefore, in this process you need to use the chamfering machine to the pipe section deburring and other processing. Next, we mainly introduce the composition of chamfering machine host.


In fact, the flat head chamfering machine belongs to the key part of the flat head chamfering machine, the main machine is mainly composed of spindle system, feed system, auxiliary system, lubrication system. The spindle system provides the rotation of the cutter head during pipe cutting. Therefore, the spindle system needs to maintain a large speed range, so as to ensure that the user can choose the appropriate amount of chips in the process, in order to obtain the best processing accuracy, productivity and surface quality.


Of course, the processing operation of the chamfering machine can not do without the motor driven. Driven by the motor, the spindle can drive the rotation of the composite cutter head, so as to achieve the purpose of flat head chamfering. The inverter is usually used to control the spindle motor speed and torque, providing the required power cutting. The spindle speed through an external encoder, into the PLC control system.


For the chamfering machine, the auxiliary system also plays an important role. Under normal circumstances, its auxiliary system is mainly composed of chip evacuation device, cooling device and so on. Chip conveyor which uses the chain plate, iron filings can be lifted to a height, fall into the transport car away. In addition, a protective cover will be added to prevent splashing of iron filings. The cooling device not only serves as a cooling element, but also has the effect of punching dust.


In addition, in the chamfering machine, its lubrication system can lubricate many different devices. Generally in the chamfering machine running process, its machine tool rails, ball screws, transmission gears and headstock and other devices for lubrication.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/