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Chamfering machine automatic chamfering conditions

Jan 24, 2018

In practical applications, you want to keep the chamfering machine working automatically chamfered, then you need to meet certain conditions. First of all, when choosing the way of working, be sure to set the chamfering machine to automatic and the indication above the display.


In addition, should also meet the following requirements: 1, the beveling machine walking beam stopped in place, the console is mainly displayed by the indicator light; 2, to the pressure switch open, there are instructions on the display; 3 , The equipment status is normal, the staff can understand the operation status of the equipment through the display on the operating platform; 4, the clamp is opened and the baffle is lifted in place; 5, both the north and south servo motors can rotate normally and the fan runs, Back to the origin.


In the above conditions are met, the staff can press the chamfering machine automatic operation button, make it into the automatic operation state. If you need to stop from the normal state, then exit the clamp in the pipe, press the auto stop button.


Under normal circumstances, when the chamfering machine is in automatic operation, its main operating conditions include: walking beam feeding, pre-alignment roller test tube, roller forward rotation, the steel pipe to stop at the pre-stop switch . Then fine alignment roller test tube, baffle automatically decline, after the roller is forward, it is because of its progress in the course of a variable speed process.


Next, during the chamfering operation, the pipe will be sent to the clamp and clamped, then the bezel will be lifted, the spindle motor will rotate, the motor will be fed forward and be chamfered. After processing, return to the origin, the chamfering machine opens the clamp, the steel pipe exits and the walking beam moves into the next work cycle.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/