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Chamfering machine chamfering technology for automotive gears

Apr 03, 2018

With the development of automotive gear technology and the increase in requirements for use, the requirements for performance, such as gear accuracy, strength, load bearing, noise, light weight, and long life, are increasing, and the gear chamfering technology is to improve the smoothness and reduction of gear transmission. Gear noise is an important process. Then, what are the chamfering effects of the chamfering machine on the car gear?


Next, we will introduce the chamfering technology from the perspective of the chamfering machine's process engineering and chamfering.


1. The main flow of the chamfering machine on the automotive gear processing technology is as follows:

The first is forging processing, followed by isothermal normalizing → coarse finishing (tooth chamfering) → hobbing or pinching (tip chamfering) → tooth profile chamfering or tooth tip rounding (sharp angle) → Shaving → carburizing → grinding → grinding or grinding teeth.


2, different ways of chamfering machine processing:

When using a chamfering machine, one of the more common is chamfering. The so-called tooth-end chamfer refers to the chamfering of both ends of the gear rough finishing car. Generally, the chamfer angle is 0.5x45°~2x45°, and the purpose is to prevent scratches by sharp corners. Some of them are chamfering treatment of tooth tops, mainly referring to the small chamfers along the tooth-tooth direction of the tooth tops. Generally, the finished tooth tip chamfers are: angles of 30° to 45° and depths of 0.2 to 0.5 mm.


3, chamfering machine processing effect and role:


In fact, after the processing of the chamfering machine, gear transmission noise can be significantly reduced. This is because the cold is chamfering along the tooth profile and the direction of the teeth, and the sharp corners and burrs are removed to prevent the bumps in the production process from causing the tooth surface to protrude and affect the meshing accuracy and generate noise.


In addition, after processing with a chamfering machine, the meshing accuracy can be greatly improved and the meshing impact can be reduced. At the same time after the chamfering machine processing, it can also improve the aesthetics of the gear, and avoid the scratch operator during the gear production process and assembly.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/