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Chamfering machine clamping device design analysis

Jun 06, 2018

For the high-quality chamfering machine for steel pipe production, in the design of its structure, it is not only necessary to adopt a translating steel pipe-type arrangement of a moving headstock, but also to properly select a suitable clamping device. In this way, it can be ensured that the chamfering machine has good performance and meets the working requirements. In the following, we mainly analyze the clamping devices and learn about the specifics.


At present, when designing the clamping device of the chamfering machine, its clamping device is mainly used to clamp the steel pipe to ensure that the center of the steel pipe coincides with the rotation center of the cutting head of the headstock, and is perpendicular to the cutting plane. Considering that the equipment adopts the characteristics of electro-hydraulic control, the clamping device for it is usually hydraulically clamped, and the pinch tube and loose tube are controlled quickly, flexible and convenient, stable and reliable.


At present, in the chamfering machine, the hydraulic clamping method mainly includes three structural forms, namely, the left and right holding tube type, the upper and lower holding tubes, and the left and right lateral holding tubes. The left and right cuff type clamping devices are more common in the earlier manufactured devices. With the improvement of the user's quality standards for steel pipes, there are some deficiencies in the use of such devices.


Its defects mainly in four aspects: 1, copper skateboard easy to wear, may cause the chamfering machine to clamp the center of the pipe and the cutting head does not coincide with the upper and lower center of rotation, affecting the quality of chamfer; 2, traction cylinder out of sync The center of the clamp and the center of rotation of the cutting head do not coincide with each other, which also affects the quality of the chamfer; 3, because the clamp is not tight, the phenomenon of knife strike caused by the vibration of the steel pipe is often caused.


In comparison, if the clamping device of the chamfering machine uses an up-and-down pneumatic tube clamping device, then these problems can be solved, and at the same time, the requirements for the production of high-quality steel tubes can be satisfactorily met, with the following advantages: 1. The equipment quality is reduced by half, and the operating performance of the equipment is enhanced; 2. The use and maintenance performance of the equipment is improved; 3. The chamfering machine is reliable in clamping and ensures the processing quality of the pipe end.