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Chamfering machine follow-up cutting head design requirements

Jun 12, 2018

The steel pipe chamfering machine is one of the main equipments in the pipe production line. The equipment is mainly used for the flat and chamfering processing of the steel pipe. Next, we will briefly introduce the chamfering follower design and hope to help everyone.


The chamfering knife is usually arranged on the follow-up cutting head of the chamfering machine to complete the chamfering work of the steel pipe and is the main implementing mechanism. Therefore, whether the design of the device is reasonable will directly affect the performance of the device. Different steel tubes tend to have a certain degree of roundness, straightness and geometric shape error. In order to ensure the processing quality of the tube end, the cutting head is generally designed as a follow-up type.


For the moment, the chamfering machine is mainly based on a wheel-floating end surface treatment device. The wheel rotates tightly against the inner wall of the steel pipe, and the cutter rotates and rotates with the wheel. Therefore, when the chamfering process is performed, the final effect will not be affected by the shape tolerance of the pipe body. However, as the wall thickness of the steel pipe increases, if the wall thickness t reaches 2514 mm or more, the tool width is more than 40 mm, and the follower cutting head has to do a lot, causing the chamfering knife to vibrate when cutting, causing a hit. Knife.


In addition, when designing, chamfering machine can also use radial floating cutting head device. In other words, the chamfering cutter block is directly mounted on the follow-up cutting head, that is, the cutter and the follow-up cutting seat are combined into one, which shortens the distance between the cutting point and the chamfered fixed disc, thus greatly reducing the The vibration of the cutting head reduces the knife-cutting phenomenon and improves the chamfer quality. And in practice, no tool is needed, only a knife block.


As for the processing of large-walled thick steel tubes, merely changing to a wider knife block will ensure better chamfer quality. It can also be seen that the radial floating chamfer cutting head is reasonable in design and easy to use. In short, in the design of the chamfering machine, for the high-quality steel pipe production chamfering machine, the radial floating cutting head should be designed. http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/