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Chamfering machine production operation process description

Dec 29, 2018

First, check the chamfering machine according to the corresponding items in the equipment checklist. After the check is completed, turn on the power and press the hydraulic startbutton to correctly install the tool and fixture of the corresponding product and clamp the workpiece. The second is to accurately select the appropriate fixtures and tools according to the process requirements. The nozzles are aligned with the cutting zone and fully cooled.


Note that the clamp and machine tool of the chamfering machine should be adjusted according to the requirements of the production process, so that the depth and width meet the requirements of the workpiece process, then the protective door is prepared for the machining cycle, and the working mode is set to "automatic" mode to start the machining. Press the Cycle Start Buttonto process. After the first part is machined, open the protective door and visually measure the size. Qualified, remove the workpiece, fail, resize and re-process.


The staff should also carefully check the metering list, and the processing can be carried out after passing the test. If it is not qualified, adjust the working parameters of the chamfering machine or adjust the machine tool as needed. The machine tool is not allowed to adjust the machine during operation, and the protective door must be closed during processing. After the machine is started, the operator ensures that the other machine can be machined after normal cutting.www.chamferingmachinechina.com