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Chamfering machine safety precautions

Sep 11, 2017

Master the correct method of operation, not only can make the chamfering machine has been in good working condition, but also can guarantee the safety of production work. So what do you know about the specific operating skills? First, before starting to use, you should first check to ensure that it works properly.

Second, the staff should wear the appropriate protective equipment, and to ensure that the scene of the work environment is more clean, tidy, no debris stacking, it is best to close the doors and windows to prevent the silicon dust Yi Yi. In addition, it should be checked and confirmed that the chamfering machine ventilation and dust removal device is in good condition.

steel tube chamfering machine5.jpg

Under normal circumstances, in the open chamfering machine equipment, we mainly need to carry out the inspection items are: 1, grinding wheel nuts with or without loosening phenomenon; 2, whether the grinding wheel cracks; 3, safety cover assembly is complete; 4, before and after the upper and lower drive handle is flexible, running with or without noise.

In the operation of the chamfering machine, the staff should be in accordance with the requirements of the wheel to adjust the size of the adjustment, it is best to choose a smaller amount of each time the first wear. Otherwise it may cause the steel plate to be worn or the wheel is broken. If any abnormality is found, such as steel plate stuck, you will need to shut down the main switch immediately and remove the plate after the device has stopped running.

Remember, during the operation of the chamfering machine, the staff should closely observe the operation of the situation, but also should pay attention to see whether the motor overheating and other abnormal conditions. The material placed should be stacked neatly, not skewed, and to ensure a high degree of reasonable.

In the feeding time, should be put positive, take stability, so as to avoid trouble. Need to remind you that in the use of chamfering machine in the process, if you find ventilation and dust removal device failure, you need to stop working to take emergency remedial measures. Finally, after the work is completed, you should turn off the power, clean up the scene.