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Classification of heading machines

Jun 06, 2019

First, the heading machine is classified according to the operation mode:

1, semi-automatic heading machine: semi-automatic lace heading machine, is the use of manual feeding, manual control of the length, manual control of the machine's Baotou movement. He has the advantages of flexibility and convenient length adjustment, and is suitable for small batch production or proofing. Production and quality are directly related to the operator.

2, automatic heading machine: automatic lace heading machine, different from semi-automatic place, it is because of his high degree of automation, feeding, length control, quantity statistics and machine toe cap movements are all automatically carried out, workers only need to take out the finished product Packaging is fine. Important for high volume production. The automatic heading machine has a high output and can reach 60,000 pieces per day.


Second, according to the working mode classification:

1, single-knife heading machine: only one pair of tools in the middle of the mold for the toe cap, the finished product is directly connected in the middle.

2, double-knife heading machine: in the middle of the mold there are two pairs of tools for the toe cap, and at the same time cut the rope.


Third, according to the glue delivery mode classification:

1, mechanical glue

2, computer glue