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Closed hydraulic chamfering machine comparison and operation considerations

Jun 29, 2018

Closed-type hydraulic chamfering machine, from its literal point of view, it is a chamfering device, because the use of hydraulic systems and equipment as a whole closed, so this type of chamfering machine is called closed hydraulic chamfering machine. So, since the specific type of chamfering machine is mentioned, the familiarity and understanding of the product will be described below to achieve the purpose of correct and reasonable use.


1. Purchase of enclosed hydraulic chamfering machine

The selection of enclosed hydraulic chamfering machines is a matter of corresponding consideration. It is for the detailed product parameters, real-time quotes and price quotes, as well as the product origin, manufacturer and after-sales service, etc., all of which need to be taken into consideration. In this way, you can purchase the right product and at the same time avoid economic loss and waste.


2 closed hydraulic chamfering machine operation precautions


(1) When the closed hydraulic chamfering machine is working, if there is an emergency, the main power switch should be turned off immediately and there can be no delay.

(2) The appropriate power supply should be used. The power supply voltage should be within the specified range. In addition, the integrity of the power switch must be ensured. The sequence of operation is: Connect the external power supply - Turn on the main power switch of the equipment - The power supply start switch .

(3) It is strictly prohibited to randomly pull wires and power cords. When cleaning the equipment, avoid splashing water on the power supply.

(4) There must be no debris or obstacles around the chamfering machine, and it must not be placed in disorder. After the chamfering machine is used, the power should be turned off in time to prevent the equipment from starting accidentally.

(5) During the use of equipment, inspections should be carried out regularly, mainly to check some important parts and important parts, whether it can be used normally, and if any problems should be dealt with in time, it is forbidden to work sick.


3. Comparison of double-head chamfering machine, enclosed hydraulic chamfering machine and ordinary chamfering machine

The double-head chamfering machine has an automatic double-head chamfering machine, and like the enclosed hydraulic chamfering machine, it is in the large range of the chamfering machine. The automatic double-head chamfering machine is capable of chamfering round tubes, round bars and other materials, and realizes automatic circulation of operation to realize continuous automatic processing of the equipment. The closed hydraulic chamfering machine and ordinary chamfering machine do not have this function, but the chamfering principle is the same.