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Closed hydraulic chamfering machine safe and proper operation and maintenance

Mar 13, 2018

Closed hydraulic chamfering machine, its attributes speaking, it belongs to chamfering machine in the hydraulic chamfering machine this category. Because it is in a closed space operation, so, this chamfering machine called closed hydraulic chamfering machine. And, like ordinary hydraulic chamfering machines, there is a hydraulic system. So below, try to get a good idea so that you can distinguish it from other chamfering machines.


What is a closed hydraulic chamfering machine? The answer to this question is:

Closed hydraulic chamfering machine, chamfering machine is one of them, and is a hydraulic chamfering machine. Its main application is in the chamfer operation, as well as the removal of shaving, milling and other burrs generated in these processing methods. Therefore, it is a small device that can be used in such fields as mold making, machine tool manufacturing, valve manufacturing, etc., as well as hardware and machinery, hydraulic components and textile machinery.


1. Closed hydraulic chamfering machine operating procedures and safety practices

(1) Operators of closed hydraulic chamfering machines should wear labor protection articles before work, for example, wear overalls and safety shoes and wear safety glasses. In addition, but also on the chamfering machine structure, performance and other aspects are very familiar and understanding, so that the correct and standardized operation.

(2) chamfering machine is strictly prohibited super performance, because, this will seriously shorten the service life of equipment.

(3) closed hydraulic chamfering machine before work, to carry out some inspection work, check the important part of the safety components are intact and solid, able to work properly. In addition, we must pay attention to the tool movement direction and table feeding direction is correct.

(4) When the chamfering machine is running, the operator can not leave the post without permission. Once the equipment is abnormal or problems, stop immediately, and then deal with the solution.

(5) When the work is completed, the equipment should be clean and maintenance work, and, to cut off the equipment power. If the transfer class, but also do a good job shift work.


2. Closed hydraulic chamfering machine maintenance

When the equipment is used, it is necessary to clean the equipment and clean the work, and check the main and important components are normal, with or without problems. Fasteners on the device, but also check whether it is loose. On the closed hydraulic chamfering machine lubrication parts, filling lubricated lubricated to ensure the service life of chamfering machine.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com