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CNC cutting machine automatic ignition device working principle

Jun 18, 2019

The CNC cutting machine uses a digital program to drive the machine tool movement, equipped with a flame cutting system, uses a numerical control system to control the switching of the flame cutting system, and cuts metal materials such as steel plates. Among them, the automatic ignition device plays a vital role.


The automatic ignition device of the CNC cutting machine consists of an ignition gun, an ignition cable gas hose and a fixing frame. One end of the ignition cable is connected to the ignition gun, and the other end is connected to the ignition controller. One end of the gas hose is connected to the igniter and the other end is connected to the air supply. The gas is turned on and off by a solenoid valve control bracket to secure the igniter to a single torch.


The automatic igniter passes the gas without oxygen, and the oxygen required for the gas comes from the air. When the CNC tool enters the igniter nozzle, the injection pressure drops sharply, creating a negative pressure inside the igniter, generating external air. The igniter is withdrawn from the orifice to provide combustion of oxygen. The mixed gas formed by the gas and the air is ignited by a high voltage arc supplied from the ignition controller when the ignition controller is ejected from the igniter, thereby igniting the torch.


In order to prevent the CNC cutter igniter from being polluted during the flame cutting process, the distance between the end of the igniter nozzle and the cutting torch must not be less than 15cm to ensure the reliability of the igniter.


The connecting cable between the ignition cable of the CNC cutting machine and the igniter is connected to the ignition gun through a nut, and the cable end is flush with the compression nut. When the number of applications of the igniter is too high, the end of the cable will be burned and the ignition will be affected. Performance, in this case, the compression nut cuts the burnt cable with scissors. When cutting, note that the shear is flat before loading the cable to restore ignition performance.