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CNC cutting machine lacks light

Jun 10, 2019

If the CNC cutting machine is not well lit during use, it will affect its normal work and work efficiency. So, do you know what causes the CNC cutter to lack light? Let's take a look at the CNC cutting machine.


First, if the CNC cutting machine tool will damage the laser tube.

 Start using all normal, no lights after booting

 1. Check the water circulation of the CNC cutting machine, the CNC cutting machine is normal water. The CNC flame cutting machine can pre-heat cutting gold-carbon steel and low-alloy steel with a carbon content of more than 0.4%. As the proportion of metallic elements increases, the cutting process becomes more and more difficult. Therefore, chrome steel - nickel or silicon metal, cast steel and other materials have no special precautions and are not suitable for oxygen cutting. These materials should be handled by other processes. Thermal cutting method.

 2. Check if the ammeter of the CNC cutting machine is normal. If the normal situation may be a problem with the laser tube, please contact the manufacturer for replacement or maintenance. If the ammeter is not normal, there is a problem with the laser power supply. Find the manufacturer to replace or repair it. The method of inspection is to use the tape attached to a mirror to light the light and see if there is any burning trace on the tape. If there is no indication that the laser tube cannot be burned, look for a CNC cutting machine manufacturer.


Second, the method is to shorten the PG to the laser power supply (connected by wires), but pay attention to check the water circulation, waterproof does not work, to prevent the laser tube from being damaged.

 1. If there is no water in the outer layer of the laser tube, then we will check the laser power supply. There is a red button on the laser power supply. Click to see if there is a light. If there is light, it may be that the waterproof unit has failed. At this time, our guests should first check if the waterproof socket is clogged and then clean the waterproofing equipment, so it is easy to wash with water.

 2. Check the current instrument of the CNC cutting machine. Press the "light" CNC cutting machine to check if the current meter pointer can be clicked. If it is less than 5 mA, the power supply will fail and find replacement or repair.

 3. If the ammeter does not move, please check if our laser switch is turned on. If you turn it on again to see if the laser power indicator is lit, press the button on the laser power to see the current pointer. If the pointer moves and is less than 5 mA, the laser power is corrupted, or the proportional light intensity and light in the software are exaggerated to 50%, then press to see if the ammeter pointer reaches 10 12 mA. If not, this is a problem with the laser power supply or the motherboard. www.chamferingmachinechina.com