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CNC cutting machine selection requirements

Apr 24, 2019

People have a universal concept, high precision CNC cutting opportunities have become the first choice of the majority of users, in this small editor friendship reminds everyone, in fact, whether it is flame cutting machine or plasma cutting machine due to cutting width cutting nozzle and other factors Regardless of the accuracy of the equipment itself, the cutting error is generally ±0.5mm left, so you should consider what kind of sheet you are cutting when you purchase the CNC cutting machine? How thick is the plate? Is there any requirement for the cutting speed? Requirements for configuration parts? Secondly, is there any special requirement for the accuracy of cutting the workpiece? The above requirements are clarified and then comprehensively selected according to the classification of CNC cutting machines and their respective characteristics.


Every user chooses which type of cutting machine to buy a cheap cutting machine when purchasing CNC cutting machine, but Xiaobian reminds users that they can't just look at the price and have to look at it in the long run. See, for example, the value of the CNC cutting machine you purchased to bring you the value, but also to prevent being deceived by some black-hearted merchants (scraping and selling at a low price in the production process), I believe everyone has heard that there is no good goods. In other words, this sentence is not unreasonable. If the configuration items used by the merchants are brand-name or imported, the technicians are also very professional. The quality of the CNC cutting machine produced is certainly guaranteed. The price is definitely not too cheap.www.chamferingmachinechina.com