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CNC elbow bore boring machine

Sep 04, 2017

CNC elbow hole boring machine is mainly used for large nuclear power valve body cross hole and parallel hole in the spherical processing, but also for other types of valves and heavy non-rotating parts of the spherical hole, cone hole, cylindrical hole processing Boring machine is a tool to rotate the workpiece does not move, can do all kinds of shape parts, processing a wide range.

High-frequency honing technology for improving the quality of the hole processing In modern industry, the demand for improved surface brightness, geometric dimensional accuracy, cutting speed and extended tool life has been improved from time to time to promote the development of honing technology. In the boring machine can not only complete the drilling, expansion, hinge, boring, milling, thread and other processing, and many important parts of the processing, such as boxes, brackets, connecting rods, templates, and their final accuracy of the arrival, are required By the boring machine to complete.