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CNC elbow boring machine operation instructions and mast structure features

Oct 18, 2018

In the specific type of CNC machine tools, there is a CNC elbow boring machine, and, as its name suggests, this is a CNC boring machine, which is a specific type of CNC boring machine, so it needs to be familiar with the equipment. Understand, in order to know how to use and rational use, and in the use of CNC elbow trampoline products have a good use.


1. Mast in the CNC elbow trampoline

The processing of the mast of the CNC elbow boring machine belongs to the technical field of CNC machine tools, and this is an important component. It plays an important role in this type of trampoline and cannot be ignored and sloppy. In its specific configuration, it has such components as a mast body, a hollow shaft, a flange, etc., and its structural features are:

(1) The hollow shaft is installed in the mast shaft through a bearing, and the hollow shaft extends out of the rod body, and the gear is fixed on the hollow shaft extending from the rod body, and the double flange is fixed on the hollow shaft end. In the hollow shaft, a long shaft is mounted, and a two-way electromagnetic clutch is mounted outside the hollow shaft, and one side is fixedly connected with the double flange, and the other side is fixedly connected with the gear.

(2) In the mast body, a main shaft is also installed, which is a hollow structure, and a mandrel is installed therein, and one end of the main shaft and the mandrel is inside the mast body. In addition, the bevel gear is a hollow structure.


With the above structure, it is possible to control and process different sizes and angles through the control of the CNC machine through the CNC system to meet the processing requirements and ensure the processing quality.


2. Comparison of ordinary trampoline and CNC elbow boring machine

Ordinary trampolines and CNC elbow trampolines, both of which are in the category of trampolines, but comparing them, there are still many differences, which are specifically:


CNC elbow boring machine, which introduces automatic control theory and adopts closed-loop control. It is controlled by computer on the transmission system, which allows the computer to make timely feedback under the influence of the environment, so that the equipment can be adjusted accordingly to ensure product quality. . In the case of a common trampoline, the transmission system is manually operated, so it cannot be automatically adjusted and can only be manually adjusted. In addition, in terms of work efficiency, the CNC elbow trampoline is higher than the ordinary trampoline.


3. Operation instructions for the use of CNC elbow boring machine

(1) The operation shall be carried out in accordance with its operating procedures and safe operating procedures, and violations or improper operations are strictly prohibited. The operator should wear the labor protection articles according to the requirements before they can work on the job.

(2) Before the equipment is used, it should be thoroughly and carefully checked to check whether the whole equipment and its important parts are faulty, and whether there are potential safety hazards. If so, it should be solved and eliminated in time. In this way, the safe and reliable operation of the CNC elbow trampoline can be guaranteed.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/