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CNC Elbow Inner Boring Mill

Sep 18, 2019


This equipment makes the tool do the radial movement on the rotated cutter disc through the support of boring bar and the swivel feeding of operating platform to realize the treating to the elbow inner bore diameter and the bore-hole.

2. Scope of Application and Main Technical Parameters (They are different according to the requests of users.)

Process Diameter Range:φ630~φ850mm

Process Workpiece Range: 28°, 40°, 50°, 90° bend (90°U-turn machining)

Maximum Workpiece Weight: 10t

Maximum Cutting Force: 20000N

Maximum Cutting Moment of Torque: 7kNm

Boring Head Box Longitudinal Traverse Distance: Appropriate Range 260 mm

Boring Head Box Longitudinal Traverse Speed: 0~3000mm/min

Cutter Diameter: φ580mm

Cutter Speed Range: 3~30r/min

3. National Patents

ZL 2009 2 0180334.6

ZL2009 1 0208899.5 (Invention)