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Comparison of billet finishing lines with other finishing lines and finishing factors for blooms

Jun 09, 2018

The billet finishing line is the finishing operation for the billet, so this specific name will be briefly described and summarized. And, it is one of the finishing lines. Since we mentioned the billet finishing line and wanted to know and understand all the types of finishing line, then the following will be an in-depth study and understanding, so that everyone can achieve the goal as soon as possible.


1. How to achieve process control of blooming billet finishing line?

The green rolled billet finishing line, which is intended to realize process control, can be realized by computer system and automatic detection, and at the same time, realizing data exchange, information tracking, real-time display of monitoring screens, and data tabulation and reporting. Print these and so on. In addition, to further develop the overall design and implementation programs, etc., and focus on solving its technical difficulties to ensure the fine control of the finishing line process.


2. Is the billet finishing line the same as the bar and flat steel finishing line?

The billet finishing line is different from the bar and flat steel finishing line. First of all, they are different in the finishing object. They are three different things: billet, bar and flat steel. Second, the finishing equipment used in the finishing line is not the same. In addition, there are differences in finishing processes and finishing requirements. Therefore, for the billet finishing line, bar finishing line, and flat steel finishing line, these three types of finishing lines are completely different, although they are all finished.


3. Analysis of key factors in the finishing of bloom finishing lines

The billet finishing line, which contains the one of the billet finishing lines, is a key and important factor for the billet finishing line and cannot be discounted. And, from a professional point of view, whether the billet is bent or not, whether there are many surface defect problems, and the finishing effect of the billet finishing line. Therefore, only by taking these factors into account can we ensure that the bloom has a good finishing effect.


4.Comparison of wire finishing and billet finishing

Wire finishing, in simple terms, is to collect, pack, and store coils spit from a laying head. The entire finishing process is as follows: the coil spit from the laying head is first cooled, then concentrated in the collecting drum and hung on the hook of the hanging conveyor by a transport trolley or the like. When the coil is hung up, the transport trolley returns and waits for the next coil. Therefore, it is completely different from the billet finishing, and the wire finishing line and the billet finishing line are also completely different.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/