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Comparison of common types of steel pipe finishing equipment and used equipment

Jul 24, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment is a series of equipment for finishing different steel pipes, so they are collectively referred to as steel pipe finishing equipment. That is, the equipment can be used for steel pipe finishing work, steel pipe is a common and common pipe, so it is necessary to familiarize and understand, so that the steel pipe finishing work can be carried out correctly and smoothly. Finishing effect.


1. Steel pipe finishing equipment, is there a second-hand steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which has second-hand steel pipe finishing equipment, but because it is not a new equipment, it is not as good as the new steel pipe finishing equipment in terms of equipment performance and service life. And carefully, then decide whether to buy.


2. Which of the steel pipe finishing equipment is more common?

Among the steel pipe finishing equipments, there are two types of seamless steel pipe finishing equipment and straight seam welded pipe finishing equipment. Moreover, the finishing work of these two steel pipes is also often carried out. In the straight seam welded pipe finishing operation, the auxiliary equipment structure and working principle should be correctly recognized, and the mold should be further optimized to improve the equipment performance and finishing effect.


3. Is it necessary to finish the welded pipe?

Whether the finishing of the welded pipe is necessary, mainly depends on the specific aspects of the requirements and use of the welded pipe, because they are the determining factors. Moreover, in the finishing of the welded pipe, some finishing equipment is used, and it is a steel pipe finishing equipment to carry out the work well.


4. Can steel pipe finishing be controlled by computer?

Steel pipe finishing, which can be controlled by computer, and can have good control effect, mainly by using a computer to control the process of steel pipe until packaging and storage. This control method has the advantages of accurate transmission and fast control. In addition, it can also improve the finishing quality of steel pipes and the working efficiency of steel pipe finishing equipment. The entire system can be called a steel pipe finishing system.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/