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Comparison of design and parameter relationship of Square Billet Finishing Line and its purchase considerations

Jul 25, 2018

The billet finishing line, which is a production line for the finishing operation of the billet, will have this specific name so that everyone can have an intuitive understanding. Now, knowing what is the billet finishing line, let's continue to learn and understand, so that this kind of finishing line can be used correctly and reasonably in the actual work, so that the product has a good finishing effect.


1. Before the design of the billet finishing line, do you need to know the relevant parameters of each process?

Before the design of the billet finishing line, it is necessary to know the relevant parameters of each process. Specifically, it is the process parameters of each process, and the exchange of data, so that the design of the finishing line can be started. Work, and at the same time, through reasonable design, the finishing line has good finishing quality and finishing effect.


2. Does the Square Billet Finishing Line differ from other finishing lines in terms of purchase considerations?

Finishing lines, which are of many specific types. If you compare the purchase considerations of the Square Billet Finishing Line with the purchase considerations of other finishing lines, then the basic considerations are the same, taking into account the parameters, origin, price, quality and Manufacturers and so on. However, since the finishing objects of different finishing lines are different, there may be differences in some details.


3. In bar finishing, does it include billet finishing?

Bar finishing is the finishing of various bars, and the bar material does not include billet, so bar finishing does not include billet finishing. Furthermore, billet finishing lines and bar finishing lines, which are two different finishing lines, cannot be confused.


4.35CrMo is used on billet or steel pipe? Is it related to the finishing line?

The material of 35CrMo is generally used on seamless steel pipes instead of billets. Moreover, it has nothing to do with the billet finishing line, because no matter which kind of finishing line, there are operations or processes such as trimming, straightening and leveling, and they are the basic processes in the finishing operation, so In the finishing operation of the 35CrMo seamless steel pipe, there are also processes such as trimming, straightening and finishing.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/