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Comparison of different steel pipe finishing equipment and purchase of steel pipe finishing machine

Oct 06, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which refers to all equipment used for steel pipe finishing, is a general term, but can also refer to a single equipment, such as steel pipe finishing machine. Then, since the steel pipe finishing equipment is mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of this equipment. Below, we will start this work immediately, so as to properly use and rationally use the steel pipe finishing equipment.


1. How to properly purchase the steel pipe finishing machine in steel pipe finishing equipment?

In the steel pipe finishing equipment, the steel pipe finishing machine is included, and the product purchasing work of this equipment needs to be taken seriously and carried out, instead of being sloppy and causing wrong choice, thereby making the product waste and causing economy. loss. In the purchase, there are corresponding considerations, such as product origin, detailed parameters, quality, real-time quotation and price quotes, manufacturers and after-sales service, etc., if necessary, also consider the product use environment and use Ask for both. These factors can be combined to make accurate judgments and correct selection of results.


2. Is the plate and pipe finishing equipment different from the steel pipe finishing equipment?

Sheet metal and pipe finishing equipment, which is made of sheet metal and pipe material on the finishing object, contains many specific materials, and steel pipe finishing equipment is used for various steel pipes, so they are in use. On the object, it is definitely different. In addition, it is different in finishing process and finishing operation. Therefore, these kinds of finishing equipment cannot be confused, so as to avoid problems caused by wrong use.


3. Are the finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment the same in the type of equipment?

Profile finishing equipment, in terms of equipment types, there are straightening machines, scale machines, automatic sorting equipment and stacking machines, etc. Some of them can also be used in steel pipe finishing, but also in steel pipe finishing. In the device. Therefore, profile finishing equipment and steel pipe finishing equipment, they have some of the same equipment, but because the finishing materials are not the same, there will be some different equipment to complete the finishing work of profiles and steel pipes.


4. Are the steel pipes after rough rolling and finish rolling finished using steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipes, after rough rolling and finish rolling, are different in terms of steel pipe performance and surface quality. Moreover, these two types of steel pipes are also different in application range. Therefore, although it is possible to use steel pipe finishing equipment for finishing, there are differences in the specific types and finishing processes of the finishing equipment. Therefore, the steel pipes after rough rolling and finish rolling are not exactly the same using steel pipe finishing equipment.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/