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Comparison of Finishing Equipment and Materials and Cooling Forms of Billet Finishing Line

Apr 20, 2018

The billet finishing line is a production line for the material finishing operation of the billet. Therefore, it is called a billet finishing line, and there will be some finishing equipment on it to complete this well. Work. So, since the billet finishing line has been mentioned, and it has more applications in some areas or fields, the following will be a good familiarity and understanding, so that everyone can also get some expertise from it.


1. Is the finishing equipment used in the billet finishing line relevant to the type of material?

In the billet finishing line, the selection of the finishing equipment is related to the finishing material, and the two are very much related. Because, for the finishing of different materials, it is necessary to use suitable equipment that matches it, so as to ensure a good finishing effect. Moreover, this is also very important and critical. We must not be sloppy.


2. Is there a different form of cooling operation on the billet finishing line? Does it have a big impact on the finishing effect?

The cooling operation of the billet finishing line is in different forms. Specifically, it is natural cooling, forced cooling, and slow cooling. Moreover, different cooling methods have different effects on the material properties of the material and, in turn, affect the subsequent processing or use of the material after cooling. Moreover, it also affects the finish of the finishing line. So it can be said that its impact on the finishing effect is great.


3. On the billet finishing line, natural cooling and slow cooling, which cooling rate is faster?

This problem, if it is from a professional point of view, is that the speed of natural cooling is faster because the definition of slow cooling is a cooling method that is slower than the natural cooling rate. Therefore, there will be this in conclusion. Moreover, some materials are suitable for slow cooling and are not suitable for natural cooling. This can be beneficial to the material performance and the use effect, and it is also different in the cooling equipment of the billet finishing line.


4. What are the main operations of the billet in the billet before finishing the board?

This type of billet in billets can also be used for finishing operations using billet finishing lines. The finishing operation before the cutting board, specifically, the operations of cutting, cutting, trimming, straightening, and leveling. Furthermore, only after these operations can a good finishing effect be achieved, and then the operation of cutting the board can be performed.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/