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Comparison of finishing equipment for steel pipe and aluminum foil and guide mechanism for finishing machine

Apr 21, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, its broad definition, is for all the equipment involved in the finishing operations of steel pipes, and they are collectively referred to as steel pipe finishing equipment. The narrow sense definition refers to a device used for steel pipe finishing, such as steel pipe finishing machine. However, no matter which one, we all need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding, because only in this way can we use the equipment correctly and get a good finishing effect.


1. Steel pipe finishing machine, which belongs to pipe finishing equipment? What are the guide mechanism components?

Steel pipe finishing machine, which belongs to the steel pipe finishing equipment, but it is the inner wall of steel pipe finishing, rather than the outer wall of the pipe, so the use of the finishing equipment is targeted. Its guiding mechanism mainly includes supporting shafts, cylinders, cylinder blocks and elastic parts.


2. Is the steel pipe finishing equipment the same as the aluminum foil finishing equipment?

Steel pipe finishing equipment and aluminum foil finishing equipment, although these two are in the finishing equipment category, but in a strict sense, these two are not the same, because the former is for the steel pipe, the latter For aluminum foil and steel pipe and aluminum foil, these are two different things. Therefore, in the specific type of finishing equipment, it is impossible to be the same, and certainly there will be differences.


3. The finishing of the steel pipe, is it started from the pipe straightening? Is the finished product packaged in steel pipe finishing?

The finishing of steel pipes, by definition, is from the beginning of straightening until the packaging is in stock. Therefore, the beginning of the finishing process is the straightening of the steel pipe, and in the pipe finishing equipment, it is the pipe straightening machine. As for the end of the steel pipe finishing operation, it is for the finished product packaging and storage, so this link or process is in the steel pipe finishing.


4. Steel pipe finishing equipment, can it be used with other equipment? Is it possible to adjust the shape tolerance of the steel pipe by finishing?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which can be used in conjunction with other equipment, and these equipment, called auxiliary equipment, because they are used to help complete the steel pipe finishing operation to ensure the finishing quality and finishing effect. And, some of them can be centrifugal aids.


The finishing of the steel pipe, from a professional point of view, is achieved through some steel pipe finishing equipment or finishing operations to obtain the desired good processing results, so that the use performance and the use effect of the steel pipe can be improved. Through finishing, the shape tolerance of the steel pipe can be adjusted to have a suitable value.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/