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Comparison of power size of automatic grinding machine and its relationship with other lapping machines

May 07, 2018

The automatic lapping machine is one of the grinding machines, and the specific type of the grinding machine must be fully understood and understood, because only in this way can the correct use and rational use of the equipment be realized, and then, to play its due role and function, to achieve its use, rather than to produce loss and waste. Then, on this product, we can not get good economic benefits.


1. can automatic grinding machine be used on the automatic grinding and cleaning drying line?

In the automatic lapping and cleaning drying line, the automatic lapping machine can be used as a grinding machine, and there is no problem in use, because it is automatically running and has a good match with the assembly line, so this conclusion will be found. In addition, it is easy to operate on the automatic grinding machine.


2. is there a fully automatic plane lapping machine in the automatic grinding machine?

A fully automatic lapping machine is a fully automatic lapping machine, and it is also a common and common type of grinding machine, mainly for the grinding of some plane, cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical surface, thread surface and other plane. Moreover, it can also be used for single side grinding and polishing of materials. Its automation is to automate the grinding process by means of PLC control technology, so as to improve work efficiency.


3. automatic grinding machine, is it good power or small power?

The full automatic lapping machine is one of the grinding machines, so, like the ordinary lapping machine, it is also small in power, and from a professional point of view, it can not simply say its power is good or the power is small, because in different circumstances and use, it is required to have different power of the machine. Therefore, only under what circumstances should the automatic grinding machine have the right power to ensure the use of the equipment.


4. magnetic abrasive lapping machine, can it be a fully automatic grinding machine?

The magnetic abrasive lapping machine can be a fully automatic grinding machine, because there is no contradiction and conflict between the two. The magnetic grinding machine is the specific kind of grinding machine from the angle of working principle, and the full automatic lapping machine is the specific type of the grinding machine from the angle of the working way. Therefore, the working mode of the magnetic abrasive grinder can be automatic, that is, it can be a fully automatic grinding machine.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/