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Comparison of steel ingot grinding machine with other grinding machines and automatic price

Oct 10, 2018

In the classification of the grinding machine, if the classification is carried out according to the grinding object, the specific type of the ingot grinding machine can be obtained, and in addition to the ingot grinding machine, there is a billet grinding machine and a steel billet grinding machine. Machines and other types. However, in order to have a deep understanding of the specific types of grinding machines, the following is an introduction to the ingot grinding machine to achieve the purpose.


1. Ingot grinding machine, can it use rotary grinding machine?

The ingot grinding machine, as its name suggests, is a grinding operation on the steel ingot, and the rotary grinding machine is a grinding method. Therefore, this is the specific type of the grinding machine obtained under different classification standards. There is no direct influence and relationship. If the ingot can be rotated by the grinding method, then the rotary grinding machine can be used for the grinding of the ingot.


Ingot grinding machine, if it adopts the grinding method of grinding, it can prove that it can bring some benefits. Grinding the surface of the ingot by grinding wheel for grinding, and using the weight and balance weight system to adjust and control the grinding pressure, the high-quality steel ingot with smooth surface and smooth corner transition can be obtained. Grinding surface defects of various shapes of steel ingots, and spot grinding of local defects of steel ingots, thereby obtaining good grinding quality and grinding effect.


2. Can the steel ingot grinding machine be automated? What is the price?

Ingot grinding machine, which can realize automatic operation, and this kind of grinding machine can be called automatic steel ingot grinding machine, which can improve work efficiency and reduce manual work intensity compared with ordinary grinding machine. Further, to increase production.


The price of automatic steel ingot grinding machine, because it is automated operation, is PLC control technology, so the price of the product must be higher than the ordinary steel ingot grinding machine. However, specific product prices cannot be given because different manufacturers have different prices.


3. Comparison of billet and billet grinding machine and steel ingot grinding machine

Billet, billet and ingot grinders, which are three different grinders. If you compare them, you can conclude that the grinding object, the grinder structure and the grinding method are not The same, there are obvious differences. In addition, the grinding effect may be different. Therefore, the right grinding machine should be properly selected to ensure good grinding quality and grinding effect.https://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/