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Comparison of steel pipe finishing equipment with other equipment and equipment determination factors

Sep 03, 2018

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which is a general term for a class of equipment, and is used for the operation of steel pipe finishing, so it is necessary to carry out in-depth study and understanding, in order to know which steel pipe finishing equipment and how to correct it. Reasonable use, in order to ensure the finishing quality and finishing effect of the steel pipe, can also make the equipment have a good use effect.


1. Which equipment is very common and often used in steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipe finishing equipment, which includes a lot of equipment, and is of different kinds. However, among these devices, there are some common and common equipments, which are special equipment for steel pipe chamfering machine, steel pipe cutting machine and steel pipe automatic packaging. In addition, there is a machine for the steel pipe stacker. Therefore, for these devices mentioned above, we must have a comprehensive understanding, in order to be able to operate correctly and standardize, to avoid affecting the smooth progress of steel pipe finishing.


2. Is the hot rolling line and the steel pipe finishing line the same on the equipment used?

Hot rolling line and steel pipe finishing line, which are two different equipments in the production line, and from a professional point of view, they are different in equipment composition and equipment type, as well as materials and uses, so it can be said that there are very Great difference. The hot rolling line equipment includes a band saw machine, a ring heating furnace, a conical roller piercing machine, and a cold bed. The steel pipe finishing line equipment includes a straightening machine, a grinding machine and a chamfering machine.


3. Is the flat steel finishing line and the steel pipe finishing line the same?

The flat steel finishing line and the steel pipe finishing line, although they differ by two words in the name, are all finishing lines, but these are two different finishing lines because, first of all, they are different on the finishing object. The former is flat steel and the latter is steel. Therefore, it is different in the type of equipment and finishing process. In addition, because the finishing objects are different, there will be different finishing requirements.


4. Will hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel pipes affect the selection and determination of steel pipe finishing equipment?

Steel pipe, which has hot rolling and cold rolling in the production and manufacturing process, so it will be different in the performance of the steel pipe. In turn, it will affect the selection and determination of the steel pipe finishing equipment, because the steel pipe will be considered. Performance and actual conditions, and then determine the type of finishing equipment and finishing process. Therefore, for this, everyone should have a correct understanding and keep in mind, so that it can be used reasonably in practical work and avoid problems.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/