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Comparison of the grinding principle of the billet grinder and whether the grind is used

Sep 26, 2018

The billet grinder, which is a specific type of grinder, and the object of the apparatus is a material such as a billet, so that the specific name of the billet grinder is available. Below, we learn and understand this kind of grinder through the learning and mastery of its related knowledge, and know how to use it correctly and reasonably.


1. Is the slab grinding machine the same as the grinding principle of ordinary grinding?

The billet grinder, which is a specific type of the grinder that is classified from the viewpoint of the object to be polished, is the same as the ordinary grinder, and is no different. Moreover, the grinding of the material of the billet is mainly for the purpose of grinding and polishing, and different grinding effects can be obtained by changing some parameters of the grinding medium.


2. Grinder manufacturer, can it produce billet grinder?

A grinder manufacturer that can produce a grinder such as a billet grinder, and other types of grinders besides the billet grinder. In addition, in addition to grinders, it is also possible to manufacture and manufacture grinding machines, such as steel billets and billet grinders, to enrich the product range of the manufacturers, and the purchaser can also have a variety of different options.


3. The billet grinding machine, is the grinding quality of the billet related to the billet size?

The grinding object of the billet grinder is the billet. In the grinding quality of the billet, it does not have much to do with the billet size. Because the billet size is the same, the basic requirements for billet grinding are the same. The surface should be smooth and clean, with no defects such as pits. However, if it is necessary to have a relationship, it is a billet of different sizes, and the grinding effect that may be required may be different.


4. Will the abrasive paste be used when grinding with a billet grinder?

The slab grinder is used for the grinding operation, and if necessary, the grinding medium is used, and the purpose of using the polishing paste is to improve the roughness of the surface of the slab. In addition, it is also necessary to know that the abrasive paste is a particle having a certain hardness and a small particle size, and is configured with water or oil. Since the abrasive is very fine, the material can be ground to obtain a smooth surface. Moreover, the machining allowance for grinding is small.http://www.chamferingmachinechina.com/