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Comparison of the Square Billet Finishing Line lines and the focus of the use process

Oct 11, 2018

The Square Billet Finishing Line, as its name suggests, is a production line used for billet finishing operations, so it is called a Square Billet Finishing Line. Since this kind of finishing line is mentioned at the beginning of the article, and you need to have a comprehensive understanding and in-depth understanding, it is a good idea to start and take it seriously, so that you can use the product correctly.


1. Square Billet Finishing Line, is it suitable for billet size? Is there a difference in finishing operations?

Billet finishing line, which is suitable for both large and small billets, that is, both billet and bloom can be used for a series of finishing operations to make the billet have good finishing quality and finishing. effect. Therefore, it can be concluded that a variety of different billets are suitable for billet finishing lines. As to whether there is a difference in the size of the billet, from a professional point of view, there may be a difference in the specific process of finishing, and there will be a difference in the finishing equipment used.


2. Is there a focus in the use of the Square Billet Finishing Line?

There are some important aspects or important points in the use of billet finishing lines, such as finishing operations, finishing processes, system selection, equipment and hardware configuration. In addition, if the PLC is fully automatic, it is also necessary to pay attention to programming, debugging and other aspects to ensure that the finishing line can smoothly and automatically perform the finishing operation, thereby reducing the manual work intensity.


3. Is the billet and billet the same in the arrangement of the Square Billet Finishing Line?

Billets and billets, which are two different billets, but billets can also be billet. Moreover, it corresponds to different finishing lines, the billet is a billet finishing line, and the billet is a billet finishing line. Therefore, the arrangement of these two finishing lines will definitely be different, and it may not be exactly the same. Otherwise, the finished products after finishing can not be distinguished very well. Moreover, billet and billet may have different requirements in terms of finishing requirements.


4. Finishing the span, is it a Square Billet Finishing Line?

Finishing span, which is not a billet finishing line, because the finishing span refers to the processing of trimming, trimming and chamfering of various defective strands, and the billet finishing line is used for billet finishing. The production line can be considered as a production and processing equipment. Therefore, they are different in nature, and, in terms of operating objects, the finishing span is more extensive, it can be a variety of casting billets, and the billet finishing line can only be operated as a billet. Kind of blank.